Ever Wanted To Smell Like Ariana Grande?

Soon you'll have the chance!

It’s happening! Ariana Grande just currently confirmed that she’s hopping on to the smelly bus. Which basically means, the ‘Break Free’ singer will soon be flowerbombing us with her first and very own fragrance creation.

So let’s see if Ariana’s scent can compete with other celeb perfumes, as she’s following up into the fragrance footsteps of Beyoncè, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift.

Even some of our favorite celeb boys just could not stay away from the bloomy business. As the Lads of One Direction already have their second Fragrance out there, as well as a Justin Bieber.

Ariana seems excited as she gladly tweeted:

All of you bloomy Arianators can get their hands on the 21-year old’s scent later this year. The launch will be expected in September 2015.

Tuesday, 24. February 2015