Calum Hood: I dream about Chandler Bing

5 Seconds of Summer's Calum Hood has been having weird dreams thanks to his addiction to sitcom Friends.

5 Seconds of Summer’s Calum Hood can’t stop dreaming about Chandler Bing.

The Australian boyband are currently in Los Angeles, where they’ve been working on their second album. They have been taking things easy and trying to detox rather than having wild nights out, which has affected Calum’s sleep in a strange way.

“[I keep dreaming about] Chandler Bing from Friends [Matthew Perry],” he told British magazine Heat. “Last night it was that I walked past him and blanked him. It’s because I keep watching it just before I fall asleep.”

Michael Clifford is also in the band and was with Calum to answer a quick-fire round of questions. They included what he thinks when he looks in the mirror.

“The sexiest motherf**ker that ever lived,” he laughed. “I see a man with the ability to do great things, but is hanging out in this sh*tty band. Only joking, I like this band really.”

Michael also admitted putting his hands in his trousers a lot, explaining he likes to rearrange his underwear to ensure it’s comfortable.

Calum was happy to chat about something embarrassing too, revealing he once wet himself when he was at school because he was too nervous to ask his teacher for the key to the toilet.

“[I mostly smell of] salami,” he added. “When we used to rehearse, we’d be stuck in this tiny airless room and after a few hours, when we’d all been sweating, the room always smelt like salami. That’s what our combined smell as a band is.”
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Saturday, 21. February 2015