Cara D 'hurt by dad's doubts'

Cara Delevingne apparently offered to drop all her plans to keep Kendall Jenner company after Bruce's car incident.

Cara Delevingne was reportedly left “hurt” by her dad’s comments about her acting career.

The 22-year-old starlet isn’t just a model anymore; she’s also becoming known for her performance skills on both the small and silver screen. She has several movies in the pipeline, including Pan and Suicide Squad, and has already impressed big names in the industry.

Despite this, her father previously voiced his opinion of her venturing into the world of acting, revealing he’d prefer it if she stuck to modelling as it’s “more lucrative”.

“When her dad spoke to the press, I think Cara was really taken aback,” a source told British magazine Look. “She knows her parents have high expectations for her, but she’s working hard. To hear her dad express his doubts must’ve really hurt.”

Luckily Cara has her close pal Kendall Jenner and the 19-year-old’s mom Kris on hand for support. She apparently had a heart-to-heart with family matriarch Kris following the words from her father. It helped her regain confidence and it’s thought Cara feels good about herself while in the company of Kendall’s family.

That’s not to say it’s just been Cara relying on Kendall though; following a car accident involving Kendall’s father Bruce, which saw a woman killed, the Brit beauty was apparently quick to offer her company to her pal during the tough time.

“Cara offered to cancel her plans and head straight over to Kendall’s house. She’s there for Kendall no matter what, and I think the whole family really appreciates that,” the source added. “Kendall adores Cara. She thinks she’s the funniest friend she’s got and loves how she doesn’t bulls**t anyone – and Cara feels the same way.”
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Friday, 20. February 2015