11 Essential Things You Need To Know About The Oscars

  • Fact 1: 'Best Picture' nominee with the highest income of 89,269,066 Dollars is 'American Sniper'

  • Fact 2: ' Best Picture' nominee with the lowest income is music movie 'Whiplash ' with 719,740 Dollars

  • Fact 3: Neil Patrick Harris is the only one who has shown his penis on TV and is hosting the Oscars in the same year! Legen... wait for it... dary!

  • Fact 4: It took 12 years to film 'Boyhood'

  • Fact 5: And 89 years just past by like this in 'Interstellar'

  • Fact 6: Meryl Streep was only 29 years old when she got her first Oscar nomination

  • Fact 7: When Meryl Streep received her first Oscar nomination Emma Stone was 9 years old... hmmm

  • Fact 8: No women are nominated in the categories 'Behind The Scnes'.... hmmmm

  • Fact 9: There are a total of four superhero movie nominations: 2 for 'Guardians' and 1 each for 'X -Men' and 'Cap 2'

  • Fact 10: There is a 79.48 % chance that you burst into tears of joy during the show, 'cause "It's all so beautiful"

  • Fact 11: And a 100 % chance of great howls of "Glory"! Bring it on Oscar!

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    Common GIF it to us Oscar!

    It’s finally this time of the year again! ‘Cause upcoming Sunday, it’s the time when the 87th edition of The Academy Awards (also known as Oscars ) are gonna happen.

    We know, that you probably know, that none other than Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney will host this years show, that Emma Stone is actually nominated for an Oscar and maybe you even know, that besides the movie stuff, there’s lots of music going on. There are definitley some epic performances from Lady Gaga , "Adam Levine, Rita Ora, John Legend and Jennifer Hudson at you. So, so excited!

    But you probably haven’t heard of these 11 facts, which we at MTV News consider to be important to know about the Oscar’s. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled them as a GIF collection in our very special Oscar-Night gallery above!

    So go and check them out before the Oscars go down on Sunday!!!

    Saturday, 21. February 2015