Rita Ora: I won't accept 'no'

Rita Ora still carries every rejection around with her.

Rita Ora doesn’t take ‘no’ as a final answer.

The British superstar has hit the big time thanks to her catchy pop songs and a small guest role in movie hit Fifty Shades of Grey.

She’s also confirmed to perform at the Oscars on Sunday, a huge gig for the 24-year-old.

Her amazing success could in part be down to her resilience.

“I’ve been told ‘no’ so many times in my career,” she revealed to the British edition of InStyle magazine.

“It doesn’t mean it’s over… I can remember every single ‘no’ I’ve been told in my life. They do not leave my brain. But they build you up.”

Now the star is the one holding the power as a judge-and-mentor on the UK edition of The Voice. But despite her aversion to those two little letters, she initially said ‘no’ when fellow panellist will.i.am approached her about the role.

“I love the show, but I wanted to focus on my second album,” she admitted.

“And then I spoke to will, and he said, ‘Listen, if you don’t do it, I won’t do it.’ It’s actually the best decision I’ve made. It’s so fun. I love it. I’m learning a lot about myself, being a coach. I’m starting to trust my instincts.”

Rita adds that she has to rely on herself, as she can’t ask anyone else for their opinions when she decides whether or not to turn her chair around for a wannabe singer.

The star seems to have her hands full with pre-Oscars prep, as she told BBC Radio 1 this morning that she’s still in the process of picking her dress for the show.
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Friday, 20. February 2015