5SOS - Worst Band Ever!

And they are ecstatic about it!

Yap – It’s true. 5SOS are officially the ‘*Worst Band Ever’* according to the NME Awards. But before you guys get all crazy ‘bout it and be thinking ’What the heck?’ i want to ruin the NME’s life for all my, first give us a sec to explain.

It’s true, yes, 5SOS won the Award for ‘Worst Band Ever’. But, here is the point. The NME Awards itself are the kind of award show, which is notorious for being all snobby and mocking mainstream music by coming up with categories like, the Villain of the Year. Yap, you heard right, that’s an actual category and no one less then sweet, sweet saint Harry Styles of One Direction ‘won’ this certain Award twice and was even nominated for a third go, alongside Taylor Swift. Luckily none of them won…

Getting back to our mate’s of 5SOS, Michael Clifford was actually and honestly so stocked about their actual nomination, that he shocked fans by reacting in the most priceless way possible: with him basically begging them to vote their little hearts out so they could beat NME at their own game. So no matter what ‘the others’ say, the 5SOS fandom and the band itself are claiming this one as a major victory.

Also and especially, because 5SOS were nominated with some of the biggest bands in the world right now: Bastille, Blink-182, One Direction, The 1975, and U2. One Direction has won this very special price already twice in the past and, we think their doing prrrrreeeetttty fine. And hey, last but not least, 5SOS can technically say, that they beat out their role models Blink-182 for a major award! Celebration time!

Friday, 20. February 2015