Celebs really know how to 'Love their pet'

    It's the International 'Love your pet' day peeps. Time to celebrate purrrrty good!

    Celebrities may be on the cover of magazines and all over the Internet, but their pets are becoming just as famous! As much as they enjoy perfecting their respective crafts, they tend to love their animal friends just as much — if not more. From Hugh Jackman to Taylor Swift, stars simply love hanging out with their pets. And sometimes it simply gets ridiculous…

    In honor of international ‘Love your pet day’, we’ve rounded up some of musitian and actors who are also known for being great animal lovers. Check out the gallery.

    But that’s not all. Digging into the subject, here’s our top pet accounts list on social that you should start following right now. Why you ask? Because apparently most famous names on the planet hide behind them. So here it goes.

    The Jenners basically rule Instagram, so why wouldn’t Kylie’s cute pup have his own account? Little Normie already has more than 160k followers!

    Ariana Grande added another dog to her growing canine family, and named him after a Harry Potter character! Ariana took to Instagram to introduce Sirius Black to the world.

    Demi Lovato tweeted a photo of her new pup with the caption, “Guys……. SANTA CAME EARLY THIS YEAR……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Buddy even now has his own Twitter account, with more than 10K followers and counting! We can’t wait for more cute pics.

    All it took was one adorable Instagram post for the newest addition to the Cyrus clan to start trending on Twitter. Lucky for us, Miley #blessed us with many more amazing pictures of her new little piglet—and they’re too cute!

    Have a pet yourself? Hug him now and think of settling the account for him yourself. Who knows, you both might get famous!

    Friday, 20. February 2015