Charli XCX: My moods are mental

Charli XCX relied on imaginary friends Ganny and Supaboulet when she was at school.

Charli XCX’s mood swings are a “nightmare”.

The superstar singer should be on cloud nine right now, thanks to her success with collaborations featuring the likes of Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora.

However, she’s fighting a continuous battle against her emotions and admits it can be draining.

“I’m a very unstable person; sometimes I feel as though my personality changes every hour,” she admitted to

“It drives me crazy. These mood swings are a nightmare and I’m not really sure what triggers them. Sometimes my changing moods do help me to be creative, though. But most of the time I just want to punch a wall. Either way; my mood depends very much on my surroundings.”

Charli felt like an outsider at school and relied on her imaginary friends Ganny and Supaboulet. They looked like cartoon characters, with Ganny a hyperactive type with yellow hair and colourful clothes. Meanwhile Supaboulet was the quiet one, with a big nose and a long, dark fringe that kept falling into her eyes.

The 22-year-old still fights with anxiety now.

“I’m often very unsure and suffer from panic attacks,” she shared.

“If I have to meet new people and speak to them, I get very scared. I feel clumsy and embarrassed of myself.”

These days Ganny and Supaboulet are no longer around and Charli has made some real friends. However, she would like to see them again.

The star also spoke about the significance of dreams in her life and how she used to keep seeing a witch while asleep as a child.

Recently she dreamed a huge tattoo was forming on her leg, which she later found out means she’s facing a big decision. Charli thinks it was to do with the album she was working on and changes she was thinking of making to it.
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Thursday, 19. February 2015