Will Smith: Willow runs things

Will Smith's daughter Willow was quick to blame her father when one of her cats went missing.

Will Smith feels like it’s “14-year-old girl Independence Day” in his house every week.

The 46-year-old actor and his wife Jada are proud parents to daughter Willow and son Jaden, 16, and he also has older son Trey from his previous marriage.

Living with two teenagers isn’t an easy ride for Will, and his youngest often becomes the main attraction in one way or another.

“You know, 90 per cent of the focus is Willow; 14-year-old girl takes all of the attention. It’s everything, it’s like the world ends three times a week, you know? It’s like, 14-year-old girl Independence Day at my house every week,” he explained to talk show host David Letterman.

“OK, so she has these cats. The last time [there was drama]… She has these cats and she loves these cats and we live out in the boonies, right? So I accidentally left one of the doors open and she couldn’t find the cat. And it’s a bad look for cats in my neighbourhood you know, ‘cos there’s coyotes and stuff out there – they’re not gonna make it.

“So she was very upset and she looked at me and tears welled up in her eyes and she said, ‘I cannot believe you would be that irresponsible!’”

He added that nothing “destroys” his heart more than his daughter’s “disdainful sneer”. When he called his wife for advice on how to handle the situation, Willow became even more upset, insisting her father go out and look for the pet.

Luckily the cat ended up being in the house the whole time.

While they appear to be normal kids at home with their parents, Willow and Jaden have become famous for their bizarre comments during interviews. Last November they both spoke to T Magazine and gave some rather confusing answers.

“Breathing is meditation; life is a meditation. You have to breathe in order to live, so breathing is how you get in touch with the sacred space of your heart," Willow said on the topic of respiration.
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Thursday, 19. February 2015