BFF Game: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

Are they SURE that there isn't space for one more in their very intimate circle of friends?

Those two definitely will always be getting back together, no matter what! Known as simply the BFF’s or the Twin Emoji, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss recently proved Vogue, the world and themselves that they are truly the cutest couple of galfriends EVER, like EVER!

Those two do not only share the March cover of Vogue, but also accompanied each other in several BFF proof games, such as the Emoji’s look-alike play, arm wrestling, talking contests and a drawing game, which resulted in crowning THE ultimate BFF winner(s)!

Besides all the gaming, there were some moments to die for, especially when the two started stroking Olivia Benson, not to mention the part where T-Swift wells up as Karlie calls her the Princess Emoji.

AW, enough you gals!

The Best Best Friends Game:

Tuesday, 17. February 2015