Happy Birthday Badgal Riri

Cake Cake Cake Birthday Cake Cake Cake

It’s tha Badgals aka Rihanna's Birthday today and we are more than 100.000% certain that there’s gonna be some celebration with lots of cake (throwing)!

We don’t have to mention that its been just another great controversy aka true Badgal year for our favorite Riri. From all her shy AH shearness clothes, to her versus Instagram and now she’s apparently dating her Badboy match Leonardo DiCaprio.

Well, there is only one Gal who can pull off just as much as she wants, ’coz she make her own rules and RULEZ!

In honor of her 27th B-Day we created a 27 best Riri Badgal moments GIF collection for you above. Take take take take cake cake cake cake cake…

Happy Birthday RiRi!

Friday, 20. February 2015