10 Things Which Should Go Wrong At The Oscars

  • If we could plan the Oscar Show 2015, this is, how it would look like. But unfortunately we can't.

  • 1. Even if Leonardo DiCaprio isn't even nominated for an oscar this year, he can't bare the happy faces of his winning colleagues any more and decides to enter the stage to take an oscar for himself by force.

  • 2. As every year the oscars are again a "super white" event 2015. The perfect opportunity for Kanye West to do his thing and storm the stage to correct wrong decisions, to whom an oscar should go to.

  • 3. If Jennifer Lawrence is going to stumble again this year, could she please smother Meryl Streep!? The Always-Winning-Actress is nominated again but enough is enough. Seriously.

  • 4. If Emma Stone is going to win the oscar for "best supporting role female", could she please dance like she did in the movie "Easy A". Please!

  • 5. If "Boyhood" wins "Best Picture", we want Scarlett Johansson to get on stage and confess that leading actor Ellar Coltrane is her secret child. We just know for sure.

  • 6. Finally there is a reason for Kim Kardashin to attend the Oscars 2015: as Hostess, that serves Champagne to the award winners.

  • 7. What should be in the Oscar Goodie Bags 2015? All kind of "50 Shades of Grey"-Merch: handcuffs, whip, mask etc. If possible, in pink please.

  • Fuck, we almost forgot: The "50 Shades of Grey"-Sex Teddybear definitely has to in the Goodie Bag, too.

  • 8. If there will be any group selfies at the oscars this year, we want a grinning Kanye West to be on all of them. All of them.

  • 9. If that is not going to happen, we would also be satisfied with a "group belfie" of all of the female nominees.

  • Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the oscars this year. If we could wish for something, we want Neil to pretend to be "Barney" all night long and to announce every award winner with the words: "And the winner is…. wait for it… wait for it…. wait for it….."

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    Wishful thinking for some mishaps!

    What would the Academy Awards be without a little mishap here and there. Those two belong together just like Leonardo DiCaprio and the Oscar himself (or not). We can’t help the love we feel when our favourite Celebs tumble (softly) up or down the stairs, just like Jennifer Lawrence, or photobomb the heck out of every pic, which is a true Benedict Cumberbatch move.

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    We can’t get enough of any celeb blooper, so we just had to prepare some pre-mishaps for this years Oscars, just in case some wishful thinking really does make a difference and the ‘oops’ moment happen!

    Legen… wait for it …dary!

    Monday, 16. February 2015