Calvin Harris' Snapchat scorn

Calvin Harris is adamant money hasn’t changed him.

Calvin Harris likes to “have a rant” on Snapchat.

The Blame DJ and producer sent his fans a message on the social networking app over the weekend. And during his tirade, he admitted he found the medium a good way to get things off his chest.

“I quite like Snapchat for having a rant about something, but to be honest, who cares? Who f**king cares anyway?" he said.

Calvin has never been afraid of speaking his mind on websites like Twitter or during interviews. And during his message, the Scottish star seemed to have a go at wannabe musicians.

“If you write, produce, mix, sing the song yourself – if it’s sh**e, it’s still sh**e. That’s the bottom line,” he said, before mimicking a hypothetical fan in a funny voice. “‘Aw he’s so sassy today, I didn’t know he was like this. I thought he was like David Guetta, that other fella.’”

As well as talking about music, Calvin addressed messages he’s received on Twitter about his recent collaboration with Armani.

The music star posed for a series of photographs for the label, which he shared with fans back in December. As part of Armani’s Spring/Summer 15 collection, Calvin can be seen shirtless, with a rippling six pack on show. But it seems he has received some unnecessary comments about how much his appearance differs to when he first started out in the music business – and the 31-year-old doesn’t appreciate it.

“Comments on my Twitter looking at my Armani picture like, ‘He’s changed now he’s got money, funny what money can do…’” he continued. “That wasn’t f**king money, man, that was six days a week in the f**king gym.”
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Monday, 16. February 2015