Charli XCX's deep sea desires

Charli XCX enjoys watching deep sea documentaries in her spare time.

Charli XCX would love to witness a shark attack.

The British singer is one of the hottest artists in music right now after collaborating with Iggy Azalea on last year’s smash hit Fancy and achieving her own success with track Boom Clap. But despite her cool image, the 22-year-old has revealed that she has some slightly geeky hobbies.

“I enjoy deep sea documentaries with David Attenborough,” she told British magazine Heat. “I’d love to witness a shark attack.”

Charli might be into some weird, unexpected stuff, but her fans love her for it. And in return, they send her some pretty bizarre gifts including a blow-up doll of Justin Bieber with her album name Sucker written on it.

The star enjoys spending time across the pond in America promoting her music. She attended the Grammy Awards last weekend alongside megastars like Madonna and Beyoncé Knowles, but she says it isn’t always plain sailing when she’s on the road.

“My plane ticket when I missed my flight to LA,” she replied when asked what the last thing she had bought was. “I had to go via Las Vegas. But I did get to play on a Dolly Parton slot machine.”

Charli always tries to see the fun in everything, even when a question she was asked touched on death and what song she would have played at her funeral.

“I have been thinking about that recently,” she said. “I don’t want a sad song but then you don’t want people to think it’s a joke. Some 2 Unlimited? Or Stay Another Day by East 17, but get the video projected in the background.”
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Sunday, 15. February 2015