Ne-Yo's Latin ambition

Ne-Yo hopes he'll perform with a rock band one day.

Ne-Yo wants to get into Latin music.

The 32-year-old singer released his latest album, Non-Fiction, last month. It’s his first since 2012’s R.E.D. and features the smooth R&B sound he’s known for.

While his mellow voice has already won him fans all over the world, he’d like to branch out and try some new genres.

“I want to get into Latin and Spanish music,” he revealed to British magazine Star.

“I don’t speak Spanish but I would love to get with someone in that world and write and sing one of those songs. I’d like to collaborate with a rock band, too!”

Ne-Yo had his breakthrough in 2006, when track So Sick boosted him to the top of the charts. Since then he’s collaborated with everyone from Pitbull to Mariah Carey.

These days, talent shows are a popular way to make it into the music industry, but the star isn’t always convinced it’s the best root.

“I like that The Voice is a spin on the traditional talent show,” he said of the programme, where mentors have their backs to the contestants and can only see them once they’ve judged their singing.

“I used to have an issue with shows like that, but the people are exactly who I used to be before I got here and now they have a platform to get there faster. When I was trying to make it, I was camping in front of restaurants that someone was going to be in and trying to sing to them!”
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Sunday, 15. February 2015