New on MTV: The Beat Of Norway

Time To Put Norway In The Limelight!

It’s totally overdue to finally turn the spotlight on Norway’s music scene. Every other week we will pick some of the latest and hottest Norwegian releases, and of course share them with you guys. So this will be a place for musical inspiration, when it comes to discovering the great music that Norway has to offer. Stay tuned, and get hooked – we start NOW!

Aurora - Runaway

The hype has been building ‘round Aurora for quite a while, especially after she was included on Spotify’s ‘Artists to watch in 2015’ list. Now she’s finally ready to unleash more of her captivating music. Her single ‘Runaway’ premiered live on NRK’s ‘Lindmo’, and it has risen quickly on iTunes ever since. After already seeing her perform live twice last year, we can safely confirm – WATCH OUT and jump on the Aurora – it’s about time.
>>> Available on iTunes

Sandra Lyng - Heels Of (Video)
Sandra Lyng has been everywhere lately. With her own Reality Show ‘Sandra Usensurert’, as a judge on Idol Junior, and if that’s not enough she’s now also competing on Mitt Dansecrew. The latter was what inspired her to write this new single, which shows her true love to her dance crew. Anders Frøen is responsible for the production, which has a minimalistic R&Bish sound. Lyng is definitely stepping it up here, as her latest single ‘Electric City’, sounded a bit like a Donkeboy-leftover. Watch below to see Sandra and her dance crew bust a move:

Frøder - Keep Forever
Frøder is finally back with new music. After releasing ‘Speed Of Light’, and the sublime ‘Over The Sea’ last year, we’ve been keeping a watching eye on this extraordinary singer from Bergen. ‘Keep Forever’ is the follow-up single, and it delivers basically everything we could have wished for and more. There are actually some crazy similarities between Frøder and Aurora as far as our ears can tell. How they use their voices whilst singing, as well as the dramatic fell in a lot of their songs. Being huge fans of both, the comparison stands for a total hands down here. So hopefully this is just the start of a great year for Frøder!

Frida Amundsen – Told You So
Just a couple of years ago it was impossible to miss Frida’s sweet, sweet voice on the radio. Her hit ‘Closer’ was crowned to be the most played norwegian track of 2013. Her album followed up, but since then it has been a little quiet. So of course there’s been a lot of excitement as to what her new music would sound like. One thing is for sure, there is change in the musical territory for her. ‘Told You So’ is instantly catchy. It has more of a heavy production than we’re used to from Frida, and a soft but very infectious beat. Watch the video for ‘Told You So’:

Daniel Kvammen - Du Fortenar Ein Som Meg
Daniel, just like Aurora, has been building up a lot of buzz around his music. His folky sound, and appealing Geilo-dialect makes him an easy treat for the ear. His new single ‘Du Fortenar Ein Som Meg’ really takes it up a notch. Its catchy beat and chorus makes this an obvious and true radio favourite. 
Watch the music video below, and let this feel-good track brighten up your day!

Susanne Sundfør - Delirious
Susanne Sundfør’s latest single is one of our actual favourite release so far. She now bravely moves into a new musical territory which fits her perfectly. Her teaming up with Røyksopp multiple times over the last couple of years, must have been some inspiration to her. And yes, we totally mean that in the best way. ‘Delirious’ is on level with classics such as ‘The Girl And The Robot’ and ‘Do It Again’. If that does not tempt you, then we do not know what will. Her album ‘Ten Love Songs’ drops on Monday, but is already available on Spotify now!

Emilie Nicolas - Fail
Emilie’s debut ’Like I’m A Warrior’ has already been heavily praised by Norwegian journalists, and many blogs/magazines. Try naming someone who didn’t include this on their best-of 2014-list. With that said, it can be a hell of a battle to pick the right single to introduce to radio, but Emilie seem to know what she is doing. ‘Fail’ is one of the hardest hitting songs on the album. The aggressive beat and lyrics fit so well with her soft but strong vocals. What a masterpiece. Turn up your speakers to the limit and press play. ‘Cause as far as we can tell Emilie doesn’t know how to fail!

Omvr – Hold You Back
Omvr’s single ‘Hold You Back’ is a crazy infectious electro track. The track itself reminds us of Kiesza’s ’Hideaway’ mixed with a bit of Disclosure’s production style. His vocals even sound a little bit like Ne-Yo’s. Now after all that namedropping, the best thing to do is to listen to the song yourself, and get into the groove with Omvr

>>> Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 13. February 2015