11 Signs That You Have Found The 1

Time to check the check-list of <3

(Thank God) Valentines Day’s finally over. Even if all the sweet gifts, 100 red roses, sweetmeats and the never ending sweet talk as well as longing eyebeams made you float on that little pink cloud, there is still a day after Valentines and therefore it’s totes the time to asses! So get out your check-list and prove your so called Mr. Right!

This actually takes you just a few basic Q&A’s. And hey, no worries, as usual, we gotchu! Soo we summed it all up for you in our little cute ‘checklist-gallery’ above!

We’re totally sure that Selena Gomez should have went through this list sometime around the Biebes... OUCH!

Make your tick and a happy lovin’ guys!

Sunday, 15. February 2015