Beyoncé ‘exasperated with Kanye’

Beyoncé Knowles is reportedly annoyed that Kanye West has made her a topic of "discussion" after his Beck comments.

Beyoncé Knowles is apparently worried Kanye West will affect her “image”.

The rapper is known for sticking up for the singing queen, shocking fans when he stormed the stage at the 2009 VMAs to steal the microphone from Taylor Swift when she, rather than Beyoncé, won the award for best female video.

And there was a sense of déjà vu about the Grammys earlier this month when Kanye interrupted Beck’s acceptance speech for the album of the year prize, arguing it should have been Beyoncé up there.

Rather than feel flattered, it’s thought the 33-year-old is frustrated with her husband Jay Z for introducing her to Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian.

“Beyoncé’s p**sed at Jay Z for allowing Kimye so close to them,” an insider told New York Daily News. “Beyoncé and her team have worked very hard to put out the exact image they want out there — it’s super-controlled and managed and manicured. So for Kanye to jump up on stage without it being planned or part of a discussion is exactly the type of drama Beyoncé did not want with Kim and Kanye and the tabloid lives they live.”

It could be that Queen Bey is keen to keep a low profile, as her marriage was rocked by infidelity rumours last year. Things kicked off when a video of her sister Solange attacking Jay emerged and the couple have been working hard to put on a united front since then.

“It just sort of overexposed her for no reason and kind of diminished the pedestal she sits on,” the source explained. “Jay is very loyal to Kanye, but it’s the Kim and Kanye drama that Bey has always requested they avoid.

“This isn’t a totally malicious or a big fight, more of an ‘I told you so’ from Bey to Jay.”
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Friday, 13. February 2015