Haim triggered Calvin collaboration

Calvin Harris enjoyed finishing off the track he made with Haim, rather than initiating it.

Haim were the ones who approached Calvin Harris about a collaboration.

The American band, made up of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim and drummer Dash Hutton, recently shared their new song Pray to God, which also features Calvin.

The Scottish DJ and producer is no stranger to working with other big-name music stars, collaborating with Ellie Goulding, John Newman and ex-girlfriend Rita Ora in 2014 alone. However, his latest partnership wasn’t masterminded by him, but rather the US band.

“They started the idea rather than me going to them with an instrumental,” Calvin told British newspaper Daily Star.

“That was quite nice, working on an idea I was never going to have by myself from people who are awesome at writing music, that I can finish off and make it sound like I want it to sound.”

Both Haim and Calvin have shared the new song via their Twitter accounts, with a spellbinding, witchy video accompanying the track.

Haim released their debut studio album Days Are Gone in 2013, which was met with widespread praise. It made the top ten in music charts around the world, but the band is yet to release a follow up.

“We’re always writing and figuring out new vibes and trying to get our inner Kanyes out,” Alana previously told Rolling Stone. “I have yet to see Kanye not put out an amazing record – and people don’t understand how hard that is. To make record after record and come out with something new and push the boundaries and have it succeed every single time is insane.”
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Thursday, 12. February 2015