Watch Taylor Swift's Video Tease

Watch clouds billow into her brain every two seconds for the end of time.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: The STYLE music video is coming on FRIDAY!! We repeat: Style. Music video. FRIDAY!!!

That, and nothing else, is what Taylor Swift's Twitter literally said! So YAY, we finally can be excited for a brabrabrand new Tay Tay video!

‘Style’ does not only sound promising, it surely does look so too! We can really consider us being real lucky ones, as we not only got a concrete release date, NO, Taylor also presented us with a small little teasy teaser.

With smoke billowing up from her neck, the teaser comes in a GIF-like still. Clouds roll into Tay’s kinda pensive looking face, on a VERY short, 2-second loop and the show is over! So until we get the whole picture here, we totally will be watching this over and over again, till infinty, until we become completely hypnotized and can finally communicate with Taylor through telepathy.

Fast froward in time please → RING THE ALARM!

Wednesday, 11. February 2015