Chloë Grace Moretz's A-list birthday love

Chloë Grace Moretz celebrated her 18th in a fluffy pink tiara.

Chloë Grace Moretz is overwhelmed by all the birthday love.

The actress turned 18 yesterday, a milestone age for the Kick-Ass star. And she was certainly celebrated on Twitter, with messages coming in left, right and centre.

“Thanks everyone and to my awesome fans for the bday pics and wishes !! Thank u thank u love you all x (sic),” she wrote on the social networking site today.

Among the well-wishers was 22-year-old Miley Cyrus, who she’s been friends with for several years. She had a unique way of congratulating her pal on Twitter.

“happppppy biiiiiirfdayyyyy tiiiiew daaaa kiewtesttttttt @ChloeGMoretz (sic),” she posted.

Also quick to tweet Chloë was Hayley Williams from rock band Paramore.

“@ChloeGMoretz awwww happy bday gorgeous!! (sic),” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz posted: “@ChloeGMoretz Happy Bday to U, Happy Bday to U, Happy Bday Chloe!!! Happy bday to U “Just hold on we’re going home!” (sic),” while Perez Hilton gushed: “@ChloeGMoretz Happy birthday, you super talented super woman!!!! Xxxx (sic)”

Chloë is often celebrated for her mature acting style, moving audiences to tears with teen drama If I Stay last year and joining Denzel Washington in action thriller The Equalizer.

While she’s previously said she feels old beyond her years, the star let herself embrace her childish side by enjoying her birthday while wearing a fluffy pink tiara,

“So.. I’m 18.. Wearing an 18 tiara… (sic)” she jokingly tweeted, adding a snap of herself in the silver accessory with a smile on her face.
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Wednesday, 11. February 2015