Why Valentine’s Day Is Actually The Best For Single Girls

No time for sadness... embrace yourself today <3

Oh yes, it’s THE day of the year again – Valentines Dorky Day! We surely feel you gals. But hey, no need to feel any pressure or other nerve wrecking urge, ‘cause if you really think about it, it’s basically our day. No need to ‘Run The World’ like Beyoncé, but at least your entire own one.

It’s absolutely not the time to be sad. Yes, it’s the day of love and you might not have found your perfect other yet, but (OUCH very cheesy) you’ve got yourself and yes, you should embrace the hell out that one.

Today is the day of love and who is more important to yourself than you are… …except, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Austin Mahone, AH got me…

It’s time to girl-up all the single ladies!

Saturday, 14. February 2015