Who The Heck Is Beck?

The guy that aced Beyoncé out!

Challenging Beyoncé is kinda senseless, as her nickname, Queen Bey, actutally says everything. No one would ever dare to do so, but there’s always this one exception and in this case it’s singer/songwriter Beck, who ‘stole’ Queen Bey’s Grammy for The Best Album of the Year.

Beck and his Album ‘Morning Phase’ totes deserved The GRAMMY, but a Kanye was so shocked and somewhat angry, that he actually wanted the singer to give his trophy (back) to Beyoncé. Seems like Beck wasn’t a ‘Loser’ this year at all. So hands down and keep it up!

And if you’re still asking yourself: Who the heck is Beck?" – MTV will enlighten you >>> "HERE

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:

Tuesday, 10. February 2015