Rihanna aka Tha Cupcake Queen...

    ...cake cake cake cake cake!

    Rihanna, as usual, looked most stunningly at this years Grammys Award Show. She just totally pulled off that Giambattista Valli cake, AH, gown, cake-gown! The dress was basically a never ending, candy pink, voluminous ruffles pouf kinda thingay, that not only made her look like THA queen, but also started some serious cupcake cravings over here (in the middle of the night).

    One thing was for sure though, Rihanna's ‘Let them eat cake’ Grammy-Look could just not be overseen, as it was an real easy one to spot our little Marie Antoinette there, here, everywhere. Can you see her???

    And the best of all is still ahead of us, as Rihanna's poufy-dress is currently breaking the internet just like Kim Kardashian’s booty did before.

    So have a look at our Meme gallery above! We’ve got big love for you, Internet!

    Monday, 09. February 2015