Rita Ora: Discover yourself

Rita Ora wouldn't be who she is today without everything she's experienced.

Rita Ora encourages everyone to live their lives to the full.

The British star was born in Kosovo but moved to England with her parents when she was just a year old.

Since then she’s traveled all over the world, eventually meeting US music mogul Jay Z, who signed her to his Roc Nation label.

The 24-year-old wouldn’t be who she is today without taking a lot of risks and encourages everyone else to live their lives the same way.

“I was just some girl from London,” she recalled to German magazine Jolie.

“The more experiences you have, the more you find out about yourself. Everything you do is mirrored more and more in you.”

Rita is glad she had Jay to mentor her, remembering she was keen to release all her material at once, but the rapper advised her to find herself first.

Rita is close to her mother, Vera, who faced a long battle with breast cancer, which she luckily won. It’s her mum’s power the star really admires.

“I have my strength from her,” she smiled.

“That’s where my fiery and determined nature comes from. We are independent women.”

It’s not been a walk in the park for Rita, who faced a very public breakup with DJ Calvin Harris last year. Things ended bitterly when he stopped her from performing track I Will Never Let You Down, which they worked on together.

Now Rita plans to focus on her career.

“I live and breathe my job,” she stated.

“But I do want someone to want me – I’m like every girl in that way.”
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Friday, 06. February 2015