Lawrence 'sees Styles as friend'

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly only sees Harry Styles “as a friend”.

Harry Styles “fancies” Jennifer Lawrence, according to reports.

The One Direction star met The Hunger Games actress for the first time in September last year while in Los Angeles. The pair have hung out together since, including when the 21-year-old has had a break from touring with the boyband, but despite his apparent romantic intentions towards her Jennifer is said not the be interested.

“Jen and Harry met at Craig’s restaurant in LA with Adele last week, and they’ve also hung out at Chateau Marmont and her house a couple of times,” a source told British magazine Heat. “Harry fancies Jen but she just sees him as a friend.”

Harry has become known as a bit of a lothario having dated Taylor Swift and alleged flings with Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. Meanwhile the Oscar winner is rumoured to be in a relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, even reportedly attending Harry’s 21st birthday together last weekend, so has no intention of becoming the singer’s latest conquest.

“[Harry’s] young, he’s fun and unlike Chris he doesn’t have an ex-wife hanging around,” the source continued. “But she’s not interested in him romantically.”

The curly haired star has made no secret of his admiration for the 24-year-old. In 2012 when asked about The Hunger Games he said: “The girl in it is hot as well.”

Then in 2013 after watching her movie Silver Linings Playbook he took to Twitter to declare that she needed to win an Academy Award for her performance, which she did.

However it’s unlikely Harry will remain disappointed about Jennifer for long as it was claimed earlier this month that he also has his eye on Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold.

“Harry has spent virtually all his free time in Los Angeles with Nadine,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “They’re infatuated with each other and can’t stand being apart.”
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Friday, 06. February 2015