Who is the Leo Di Caprio of the Grammys?

No Grammy for you, no no no...

It’s still somewhat hard to believe, that after basically killing it in every single movie, to just to name a few, The Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, Somewhere in Idaho or Django Unchained, our favorite heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, was nominated, yes, but never actually won one these Oscars (yet)!


Barely still getting over this fact, it seems as some of our favorite musicians are on the non award winning path! But who are these clearly deserving, hard-working musical pop/rock/hip-hop crushers who just can’t dodge their Grammy underdog status? Click through our gallery above!

Still bummed out, but let’s see what the Grammys will bring us 2015! Meanwhile Leo’s still on the wait…

Sunday, 08. February 2015