Faking It: Gregg Sulkin's Dance Off

The guy just cant stop/wont stop!

True artists should be talented in lots of different artistic ways. As Gregg Sulkin from MTV’s Faking It already got proof over his brilliant acting skills, he probably wanted to enter a totally different field: dancing.

Whilst on the set of ‘Faking It’, the actor must have felt the need to literally ‘move on’ to Big Sean's ‘I Don’t F*** With You’!

As an artist you often polarize and that’s what Gregg certainly did as his co-actors reactions divided themselves into: ‘I think Gregg was a dancer in another life..’ or a giggling ‘Keep that at home!’…!

Gregg obviously thought: ‘WHATEVER! Can’t stahp, won’t stahp!’

Stay tuned for more of ‘Faking It’ as season 2 is about hit your screens!

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Friday, 06. February 2015