Justin Bieber: 'I'm only human!'

    The Biebes showing himself very emotional these days...

    What’s up with Justin Bieber these days?!

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    First he uploads his (very honest) apology video, saying he was very nervous being on Ellen DeGeneres Birthday Show and that he’s truly sorry for some of his actions over the past few years. Not enough with all the regret, he even reenforces his apology in person at the The Ellen DeGeneres Show as she wanted to know more about his reasons:

    Seems as the Biebes is really getting the feel of being somewhat more emotional and sincere about himself as he seemingly just cant get enough of it! He even surprised one of his fans on the 'The Doctor' show, who is a burn survivor and took his time to tell her how proud he actually is of her and that people like her give him inspiration and the strength to beliebe, ah believe! CUTE!

    We must say it’s nice to finally see a human site of our boy Justin. But hey, the Comedy Central Bieber Roast is just around the corner… and maybe he’s already afraid and doesn’t want to give his future roasters more content as there already is?! Who knows, so lets just beliebe in the good human he is!

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    Go Justin!

    Friday, 06. February 2015