Iggy Azalea: Give me a Grammy!

Iggy Azalea can't believe she is being considered for four Grammy Awards.

Iggy Azalea doesn’t care what she wins a Grammy for, so long as she bags a gong.

The Australian star is in the running for four awards at Sunday night’s ceremony, where the cream of the crop in the music world will be celebrated and honoured.

It’s the first time she’s been up for a Grammy and Iggy really isn’t fussed what she wins one for, just as long as she goes home with gold.

“I don’t care if I get a Grammy for best album artwork. A Grammy is a Grammy, baby,” Iggy laughed in an interview, reports New York Daily News. “Nobody says, ‘Uh, what’s your Grammy for?… No, this Grammy doesn’t count.’ Any Grammy is equally as good. I’ll take any Grammy for anything. Any Grammy you’ve got, send them my way. I will not complain.”

While Iggy’s album artwork for The New Classic is yet to be recognised, she is up for record of the year, best new artist, best rap album and best duo for her collaboration with Charli XCX on track Fancy.

The 24-year-old already boasts numerous other accolades, including two American Music Awards and one Billboard Women in Music Awards. However the Grammys is the big one for her, and just being nominated has been a dream come true.

“I didn’t think they would think of me four times. I’m happy they thought of me any times. There are so many other award shows that I appreciate winning awards for, but I think it really means something special just to be nominated by the people that you work with and are alongside every day. That’s a different thing. It’s a different level of respect,” she gushed.

Not everyone is pleased with the her Grammy recognition though. Fellow performer Azealia Banks took umbrage to Iggy’s best rap album nomination, letting rip during a radio interview with Hot 97 last year.

“Put [Iggy] in the pop category. Put her and Miley Cyrus in the same f**king box together. Don’t put her in hip-hop. Just because she’s singing, does not mean she’s rap music,” she fumed.
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Friday, 06. February 2015