Douglas Booth: Mila's beauty is distracting!

Douglas Booth found it "amazing" to be Eddie Redmayne's onscreen brother.

Douglas Booth couldn’t “focus” when Mila Kunis wore a low-cut top.

The British actor stars as alien Titus Abrasax in Jupiter Ascending, which follows the title Earthling (Mila) as she fights to become heir of an outer space community.

Douglas, 22, found himself in awe of Mila’s beauty and tried hard not to get distracted while reciting the script with her.

“Occasionally, occasionally I did. There was this one scene when I had to sit opposite her at this dinner table and she was wearing this very revealing top and I was 21 at the time so… sitting there, trying to focus was rather difficult, trying to remember all those lines,” he laughed to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw. "She’s very gorgeous isn’t she?

“I don’t think she necessarily drinks pints… but she has that sort of attitude about her. She’s a movie star but she kind of acts with the crew like she isn’t.”

The flick also stars super-fit Channing Tatum as hunter Caine Wise and Eddie Redmayne, who plays Douglas’ evil brother Balem Abrasax. Douglas and Eddie have been close pals for a while now, and Douglas found being on set with him helped his overall routine.

“I did my second ever job with Eddie, he’s brilliant. So it was amazing for him to play my brother in this. I think it’s lovely, working with friends. I think to do your best work when you’re working you have to really feel relaxed. So to be surrounded by people you’re relaxed with, you can bring a good performance,” Douglas added.

Jupiter Ascending is directed by The Wachowskis and marks their fist original sci-fi movie since The Matrix trilogy. Douglas describes the feature as a “space opera” which is “big, fun and action-packed”.
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Tuesday, 03. February 2015