Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show - YO Home To LA

Jimmy Fallon Covers The Fresh Prince!

Sometimes its just time for a change! And as New York City just recently had to face the Blizzard of the century and it still remains to be kind of nippy down on the East Coast, Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show crew are up for a heartWARMing change of scenery!

The journey leads them to sunny side up Los Angeles City and as this is probably just a small and warm getaway for the Fellon crew, it still was reason enough to give the whole show a new more west costy attitude and a totally epic intro for the "Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show ":http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-showin the city of angels.

The new show intro is basically a 1:1 remake of Will Smith's famous Prince of Bel Air intro… you’ll loose your mind by watching this, but especially when you’ll notice the other starring guests!

Check this out:

Tuesday, 03. February 2015