Meghan Trainor: It's tiring being a celeb

Meghan Trainor says being a celebrity is a tough job as there are no days off.

Meghan Trainor says no one realises how hard popstars work.

The singer became an overnight sensation with her hit All About That Bass, which encourages women to love themselves just the way they are.

While she’s enjoying her new-found fame, there are aspects of the job she finds tough.

“The exhaustion,” she admitted to the British edition of OK! magazine when asked about the downsides.

“No one knows how hard popstars work, there’s not a day off. I remember talking to Jessie J and she said she’s only had one day off in the last four months. I was like, ‘B***h, what? You’ve been working every day for four months?’ She was like, ‘Yeah, but that’s how we get to number one!’”

Luckily there are lots of aspects 21-year-old Meghan loves, such as flying first or business class for work. Being a celebrity also made her realise she needs to adjust her diet to stay healthy enough for her hectic schedule, so she’s swapped pizzas for chicken and broccoli.

There’s also the fact that being an A-lister means her life is constantly being scrutinised. She’s endured a lot of criticism for seemingly slamming slimmer girls and worries about being papped sitting in a less-than-ladylike manner.

“But so far, it’s great. I’m not going to mess up,” she insisted.

Meghan has been busy lately, releasing her second single Lips Are Movin and admitting she’s been recording with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.
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Saturday, 31. January 2015