Liam Payne joins the Rap Biz?

Is he Hip Hopping out of One Direction?

Liam Payne and Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia obviously enjoy each others company. A casual hang, as one can see, ’s just totally their thing. But WAIT A MINUTE… does this mean their working on a music project?! Will Liam be leaving his 1D lads for the Hip Hop game or a is he even considering going solo?

No worries peeps, you can put your mind at rest! Nothing other will happen, then Liam and Jucy J teaming up for some music jams. And yes, this might be a solo project, but this doesn’t mean anything else, then getting even more grand music in addition to One Direction's best songs ever.

Or maybe One Direction goes Rap as they do love a little freestyle here and a little twerk there. Who knows, but one things for sure, Liams not going anywhere, he’s for good!

Watch the Direction lads on their freestyle game WHATUUUUP:

Friday, 30. January 2015