Go Harry it's your Birthday...

...we gon' party like it's your Birthday!

Is it getting hotter in here or is it just all the candles on your Birthday cake?

Our favorite, banana eating, always up for a small twerk, curly haired, (lovely) face pulling and perfect smile 'One Direction' lad, Harry Styles is turning 21 today. So it’s totes the time to pump up the jam and gettin jiggy in his honor!

>>> Harry loves (banana) cake!

Besides all of the toasting (HICKS), don’t forget to honor Harry with a small twerk, sensitive wiggle or an agressive grind dance. So find yourself a little inspiration within clicking through our special Birthday GIF edition of ‘Harold Edward Cox Styles Greatest Dance Moves Of All Times’ gallery.

Happy Birthday Harry & drop it low!

Sunday, 01. February 2015