Lorde’s love for natural make-up

Lorde’s make-up artist Amber Dreadon has revealed what goes into the singers signature look.

Lorde keeps things as “minimal as possible” when it comes to her make-up look.

The Royals singer is known for her masses of dark curls and moody lipstick. But the 18-year-old’s make-up artist Amber Dreadon has revealed that the star actually prefers a more stripped back look.

“Lorde loves natural make-up so we keep things as minimal as possible most of the time, with the obvious bold lip every now and then,” she told Canada’s Fashion magazine. “We’ve been changing [her look] a lot as we go along but the bold lip was such a statement and really had such an impact on beauty at the time that people always tend to think of the dark lip first!”

The New Zealander showed off a different look at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month. Lorde had her hair pulled back off her face and wore a lighter shade of lipstick. And Amber admitted to the publication that it was a concept that they had been waiting to use at an event for some time.

“The Golden Globes look was really an idea we had discussed a while back but saved it for the right event and right outfit,” she explained. “It had been summer in New Zealand at the time so we worked with the little bit more of a tan than what she usually has and went with a more bronzed eye. We talk about [new] things we could try out all the time and save up ideas for the right moment.”

Lorde’s wardrobe is predominantly black and white but for Amber, this is a blessing as it gives her chance to experiment with colour in her role.

“It really means we can play around a little with coloured eyeliner, every now and then doing a bright blue or bronze, and we can vary the lip shades pretty easily,” she added.
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Wednesday, 28. January 2015