Meghan Trainor: I need a rich guy

Meghan Trainor wants a boyfriend who's rich enough he doesn't have to work and can just travel around with her.

Meghan Trainor has her sights set on a “trust fund boy”.

The 21-year-old star rose to fame with hit single All About That Bass and her catchy new track Lips Are Movin is all over the radio.

While it would seem Meghan should have boys begging to take her out, she claims they are now intimidated by her, despite her “looking amazing nowadays”.

“My mum wants me to date a popstar as they’ll understand what my life is like,” she revealed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“I was thinking that maybe I should date a trust fund boy! The [record] label doesn’t pay for my mum to travel with me. My mum’s a hard worker; she’s a jeweller, so she can’t afford to come out here. I need a trust fund boy who doesn’t need a job because he’s rich and can stay by my side and who can be like, ‘No babe, I’m here, we’re good, I can afford this!’”

Her new-found fame has certainly made things tricky for Meghan in the romance department. Especially as the paparazzi know how to ruin a moment.

“I was on a date the other day and I’d literally just got the food and people were coming up and asking if they could take a picture and I was like, ‘OK, I’ll take one.’ And then five people came over. And my date’s sitting there. It was fine but I sat down, looked at my date and said, ‘Hi, you want to date me? Because this is your future,’” she laughed.

The star has plenty of opportunity to meet new men these days and recently revealed she’s recorded a track with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, 20. However, there was no romantic connection and the pair are just good friends.
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Tuesday, 27. January 2015