Kim's Super Bowl Commercial: #KimsDataStash

Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun At Her Selfie Obsession In Super Bowl Ad — Watch!

Kim Kardashian has many obsessions. Such as, regularly breaking the internet, with her naked, oily booty, with her (non) family potraits or her general "Instagram ":

Since her Paper Mag cover has been a while ago, it’s def time for some action again. So why not change the channel and go break some other media – TV!

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Besides her KUWTK career, Kim has now entered the advertisement biz. And we have to admit, TV has never been so sexy and (yes) funny in a solid sarcastic way at once. Who would have thought that Kim’s quiet a comedian there as she’s totally dissing her and her selfie obsession in the newest T-Mobile ad!

The spot premiered on yesterdays Conan Tonight Show and went viral within no time.

So this is really happening. Kim is T-Mobile’s newest celeb spokesperson, or rather, the “famous person” as the ad says. She now lectures us about how unused data is taken back by wireless companies (tragic) and how we can save up important data, such as her makeup, backhand, outfits, vacation, and…her outfits?

For god’s sake – SAVE THE DATA ‘kids’! Follow #KimsDataStash

This is truly priceless:

Tuesday, 27. January 2015