LA Fashion aka Hair Week

LA Fashion Week meets Barbie World!

Last weeks ‘*The Daily LA Fashion Week’* was, of course, all about fa fa fashion. But we could just not stop wondering ‘bout all the colorful hairdo’s of our Hollywood faves. The whole event, or lets more refer to the front row guests, looked as if they just returned from their holiday with Malibu Barbie and Hello Kitty… in totally positive way of course! ’Cause life in plastic is fantastic.

Basically, all colors of the rainbow were attending. Nicole Richie (whose known for being a total sucker for rainbowy hair colors) went from turquoise to a bubblegumish kind of pink. And if they had a silent understanding, Katy Perry went for a pink outift, but purple hair, which made Nicole and her a perfect fit. Rose McGowan, known for her experimental outfits, of course topped both of them with her purple-felt hair wig, which gave her a Lego-like look.

Surprisingly, the other front row guests, including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Kanye West were kind of lame…well, go pink or go home!

Monday, 26. January 2015