Jack O'Connell: Cara's the bomb!

Jack O'Connell would never move to America permanently.

Jack O’Connell thinks Cara Delevingne will go far in acting.

The British model has been making waves in the movie world, and currently has six projects in production.

She stars alongside Jack in the upcoming Tulip Fever, which also features Christoph Waltz, Dame Judi Dench, Matthew Morrison and Cressida Bonas, who used to date Britain’s Prince Harry.

The film reportedly features a raunchy scene between Cara and Matthew, and Jack says the fashion star brought her A-game to set.

“I think [Cara and Cressida will] both be decent, man. I didn’t work with Cress but I did work with Cara and her particular scene needed her. She needed to govern that scene and she did. She did it well, too. I think she’ll go far. She’s busy. Busy. Apparently.

“Brits abroad man. It’s a good time to be British in America,” Jack smiled to British magazine Grazia, adding he’s not planning on moving to the US any time soon.

“A return ticket it necessary; I think I’m one of the lucky ones. I get to go there when it’s necessary, and I get to p**s off when it’s not.”

2014 was a mammoth year for Jack, which was topped off when he was announced as one of the nominees for the BAFTA Rising Star Award.

He’ll find out if he bagged the accolade next month, and is content with how his career his going. Despite his A-list status, the 24-year-old loves nothing more than being surrounded by his home friends.

“I get euphoric when I’m on set if it’s gone well. I’m addicted to the euphoria that comes with completing a difficult day; I don’t think that will ever die out. But I’m happiest when I’m in among me own. I’ve had a good year, but when I’m with my friends we don’t talk about it too much. As long as I’ve got some representatives around me, I could be anywhere in the world,” he smiled.
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Saturday, 24. January 2015