Lena Dunham: I love Twitter pals

Lena Dunham's pals worried she was being "Catfished" when she made a new friend on Twitter.

Lena Dunham doesn’t think it’s unusual to fall in “Twitter love”.

The actress stars in and is the creator of Girls, a show about a group of friends trying to make sense of their twenties.

Just like her onscreen alter ego Hannah, Lena is a true ‘millennial’ – which includes ordering a lot of cabs via apps on her phone and making friends via the internet.

“I have close friends who I have met on Twitter, like Twitter was a party,” she laughed to Time Out London magazine.

“One of my best friends, we met on Twitter, we fell in Twitter love, then we started writing emails and she came to visit me. And everyone was like, ’You’re getting Catfished.’ But I wasn’t, and we’re really close.”

She adds that her parents aren’t big fans of her meeting people online, but that she thinks it’s just a sign of the times.

Lena is currently dating fun. musician Jack Antonoff, who she was introduced to via a blind date. Despite turning up 40 minutes late, the couple now happily live together. But it doesn’t put her in a good place to give dating advice.

“I really don’t know how you’re supposed to go about this,” she sighed when quizzed on her tips for asking a boy out.

“I guess I would say I’m a big proponent of honesty and not playing games, so if you want to spend time with someone in a romantic setting, and you’ve picked up on the signal that they might too, you should just ask them to go do something!”
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Saturday, 24. January 2015