Kylie AKA The Bratz Doll

    Seems as we no know Kylie's hair inspiration source #1

    People, listen up, ‘cause we’re totally back in the ‘look a like’ game again!

    This time contestants: Kylie Jenner & The Bratz dolls

    If you aren’t familiar with the Bratz dolls yet, no worries, we got your back! They’re basically the competing doll product to Mattels Barbie, in a, lets say more ‘forwardy’ kind of look.

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    And now we could just not stop wondering ’bout the extreme hair style (and general) similarity to Kylie Jenner and those dolls!

    There are no words for ths, so you definitely need to take a look! Its somewhat mind blowing and Kylie really cannot deny her beauty game inspirations anymore!


    Friday, 23. January 2015