Ex On The Beach 2: 26 Sexy Selfies

So naughty but nice...

On February 1st it’s going down! ’Cause Ex On The Beach 2 will finally hit your MTV screens!

Our EOTB singles still believe that they are going to paradise though… so what will happen when they see their exes popping out of the ocean like there is no tomorrow?! Smells like dr dr draaama!

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But before heading all the way down to beloved dramaville, there should be some joy and laughter before! So we gave our singles a Selfie stick and a camera..the result: 26 dashingly sexy selfies !!! Such flirts already…

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Don’t miss out on Ex On The Beach 2 premiere:
Sunday, February 1st at 21:55 pm – Only on MTV!!!

Friday, 23. January 2015