Ex On The Beach 2: Will Chaz reunite?

Geordie Shore's Charlotte & Gaz: "Our Friendship Reached Different Levels On Ex On The Beach!" Sounds like Chaz got closer than ever during Ex On The Beach...

There is no doubt, that Geordie Shore fans are definiteley expecting some drama, when it comes to our beloved break up 2 make up couple Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle.

As both of them take part at Ex On The Beach 2, it’s certainly thrilling what will happen between those two (again). Will there be a ‘Chaz’ comeback? We truly do hope so!

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The on/off couple already confessed that their experience in the villa brought them even closer together. Now, of how close are we talking bout? 

Chaz also revealed that their ‘friendship’ reached new levels during their time on the so called island of love – but that their history didn’t stop either of them cracking on with some of the sexy singles.

So were there fireworks when the old flames reunited and did psycho Charlotte return? 

“No, none. Me and Gary, we do what we feel like doing at the time,” Charlotte told Reveal. “We hadn’t been in the Geordie Shore house for a while, we weren’t as close as we usually were, it was just different.”

“It’s a completely different situation,” Gary added. 

“In the Geordie Shore house, I would never walk in there and go and get with Holly because of Charlotte, but in the EOTB house there were five new girls and new lads. I had a free pass to crack on with these girls and Charlotte with the lads. It was fine. We didn’t argue, it was great.”

“But our friendship did reach different levels in the villa. I learned things about Charlotte I didn’t know before,” he continued.

So which of the Ex On The Beach babes tore Chaz apart?

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Charlotte and Gary won’t kiss and tell until now. But it does sound like the situation became a bit awkward indeed as Gary explained:

“Right imagine this. “I’m sitting on a breakfast table, a girl that I’m now with is sitting on my knee, one ex is over there sitting with someone new and the other ex is sitting the other side scowling at you. Then her ex is sitting there too. Sounds awful, right?”

If you want to find out who and what really happened, tune in:
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Wednesday, 21. January 2015