Justin Bieber X Comedy Central Roast!

    Let the games begin: #BieberRoast

    Attention Beliebers and beware, because it’s gonna get dirrrrty! Our canadian pop icon and wet dream of any teenage girl, Justin Bieber himself will totally get roasted at Comedy Central Roast. It’s BBQ time again – YUM YUM!

    Goal is, to make a Bieber cry! Who the roastmasters will be, is still an unsure thing. But what a thriller. Who knows if Selena Gomez & Zedd will join for some Bieber roasting…

    Zeddlena or not! There’s definitley more than enough content, which the Biebes created ‘carefully’ and somehow creatively over the past few months or lets say years. Lets not forget ‘monkeygate’ or his latest CK (photoshop) desaster.

    No others then James Franco, Roseanne Barr, Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhof and many more have survived the roast more or less successfully. So lets see how the Biebes will do!

    Totally keep an eye on #BieberRoast as the broadcast date is soon to be announced! Also check out our website for the latest news on the Bieber roast!

    And have a click through our roasting suggestions for Justin Bieber!

    The Biebes (still) seems excited:

    Tuesday, 20. January 2015