Rita Ora: Flirting eases discomfort

Rita Ora has spoken about why she believes being flirtatious lightens up social interactions.

Rita Ora thinks being flirtatious “makes people feel comfortable”.

The stunning 24-year-old singer is currently in a relationship with Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Ricky.

But the coquette blonde admits she loves having a good flirt session with strangers from time to time.

“I’m just a goofball deep down and I always have been,” she laughed to the UK’s Reveal magazine.

“Flirting has always been my thing to get people out of their shell. I like to make people feel comfortable.”

Rita currently serves as a coach on TV singing competition, The Voice UK.

And the songstress believes she is especially qualified to mentor aspiring musicians.

“People don’t know my background because sometimes it can feel like someone has come out of nowhere – people think I made it straight away, but I didn’t,” Rita shared.

“I got my first publishing deal when I was 14 and my first record deal when I was 16, but they both fell through within two years.

“I was 18 when I signed the deal I have now, and I didn’t release a song until I was 20 when Hot Right Now came out. I

“I felt so frustrated but you have to grow, it’s all about timing and patience.

“I’ve only done one album and luckily I’ve had a lot of success with it, so I can pass on that experience to these contestants.”

Rita released her debut studio album, Ora, in 2012. She serves as a The Voice UK panellist alongside will.i.am, Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson.
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Tuesday, 20. January 2015