Zayn Malik has hair fever!

    Where did his sexy strand go to???

    Having a proper ‘hairdo’ isn’t a total girlie thing to do anymore. The so called ‘manbun’ totally proves it. Actually introduced by David Beckham, waaaay back in the days, the sexy bunny bun had a massive comeback, thanks to Harry Styles.

    Good (hair)style, obviously runs in the One Direction family as Zayn Malik lately has become some serious competition for ‘Hairy Styles’ hair business.

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    The hair-raising news is, that Zayn said bye bye to his sexy little strand. No one else but the The London Barber Shop takes total responsibilty and maybe (positive) credit for Maliks hair loss.

    Most important though, Zayn himself seems to really love his new look as Instagram and Twitter are basically hair exploding! But who can blame the guy?! He’s looking goooood!

    WATCH OUT & have a look at our bun(ny) collection above:

    Monday, 19. January 2015