Geordie Shore's Char is back with her Ex

The Geordie Shore star has forgiven Mitch for his cheating and text-dumping ways...

We now have absolute proof that Geordie Shore’S Charlotte Crosby is totally back on track with her Ex-Fella Mitch Jenkins. No ways Char! Did you really forgive and forget so quick?

Well, we didn’t! And just to be a reminder, also in the not so nice cases, the guy cheated and then dumped Char via text message. Not a very gentleman kind of way. Anyhow, we also have the totally bummed out Char in mind, just at the beginning of Geordie Shore's Season 9. Thanks to Gary there was certainly some ‘cheering’ happening later on.

In the last few days Charlottes "Instagram ": clearly spoke the language of love, as the couple, we must admit, seem quite happy on their romantic trip to NYC!

The big question is, whats going to happen, when break up 2 make up couple Chazza (Charlotte & Gary) cross paths on the Island of love aka MTV 'Ex on the Beach 2'??? Feels like OH OH!

Friday, 16. January 2015