Are You The One? - Reunion tease

The reunion of the 2nd season is coming up!

It’s already been a month since we almost lost our senses whilst the Are You The One? season finale. Layton made ​​our heart stop by choosing Christina, literally in the last minute. Risky choice there, but fortunately totally worth it!

The lights went out, confetti was all over the show and the winners finally realized: WE WON A MILLION DOLLARS! What the heck?!

Meanwhile, all of the contestants returned home and of course everyones more than curious if and which matches are still happily ever after in la la love.

You have already forgotten all the matches? No worries, check out our full love-list below and tune in upcoming Sunday at 7.10pm!

Missed the Season finale? No worries, we got your back! You can watch the finale above and in addition to that our Are you the One? throwback week starts upcoming Sunday at 8pm – only on MTV online.

The perfect matches of Season 2:
Alex P. & Jasmine
Jenni & John
Ashley & Dario
Paris & Pratt
Shelby & Curtis
Briana & Brandon
Alex K. & Anthony
Jess & Garland
Tyler, Layton & Christina
Ellie & Nathan

Friday, 16. January 2015