#TBT: J-LAW is a sucker for MTV's The Hills

...and Eddie Redmayne digs Audrina

MTV Confessions is on: Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne are huge suckers for MTV’s The Hills! Who would have thought that Miss Oscar and Golden Golden Globe winner Lawrence is a Lauren Conrad superfan?! Well, you live and learn, don’t you.

J-law’s ‘outing’ kind of sneaked around the corner, whilst having a chit-chat with recent Golden Globe winner Eddie Redmayne for the latest issue of Interview Magazine. First they were discussing, what actors do discuss and suddenly found themselves on a reality TV truth or dare talk. Since then, there was no turning back or denying, that both of them are suckers for the MTV Hollywood drama. Eddie Redmayne even admitted that he occasionally checks on Audrina Padridge and Whitney Port, just to make sure they’re ok – YEA RIGHT!

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Lawrence even went on by saying that when MTV sometimes plays “The Hills” reruns for, like, three hours, this will just turn into her kinda morning. ‘I’ll cancel sh**!’, she even said. That, ladies and gents, is the LC-effect.


Thursday, 15. January 2015